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2022 recap

To invest in today's youth, tomorrow's leaders, and the future leaders of our community by providing funds and resources not ordinarily provided to the Franklin County School System that inspires students to develop their talents and enrich their educational experiences. ​

$15,000 given in teacher grants to educators in the Franklin County School System
New innovative tools added to STREAM van.
Funds and education initiatives spread out over 13 different schools.
High school students in shop class.

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North Middle students in Mrs. Wiggs’ 8th grade science class build and test structures using the Aftershock! Earthquake Lab purchased by the FC Educational Foundation for Excellence during their study of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Hands-on resources enrich learning in all grades. Congratulations on your Success Story!

Mrs. Wigg

8th Grade Science Class

Hydroponics farm at the school
Kim Collins, an innovative STEM class teacher (9-12), began a hydroponics project with her students in the fall of 2022 with grants from Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN), Battelle (a non-profit company and the Franklin County Educational Foundation for Excellence. Currently, her STEM students are growing and selling lettuce and microgreens supplying Winchester’s Filo’s Tavern. They also supply their Teachers and staff with plenty of leafy greens. Mrs. Collins says a future goal includes increasing production so as to provide their cafeteria with all its greens.

Kim Collins

STEM Teacher

Students launching rocket outside.
Thank you to the Franklin County Educational Foundation for Excellence for supporting the SES 4th Grade Rocket Project. Your generosity provided our students with an incredibly enriching and engaging learning experience. Witnessing the excitement and dedication of our students as they worked tirelessly on this project was truly amazing.

Cole Johnson

4th Grade Math & Science

Students learning the Ukelale
Huntland School’s Music Teacher, Paul Bischoff, received a grant from the FC Educational Foundation for Excellence to purchase kits for building Ukuleles. This unit of study combined the skills of their high school STEM classes with the skills of elementary music students. This collaborative learning opportunity provided all students involved with a hands-on and rewarding experience while contributing to both their STEM and music knowledge base. Congratulations on your Success Story!

Paul Bischoff


student wearing vr googles
Fifth Graders at Sewanee Elementary wrapped up their space unit with a trip to the sun. . .using Virtual Reality Googles. Students were able to see the asteroid belt, stars, planets constellations, and much more! A BIG “Thank You” goes to Rusty Dawson for the training and the FC Ed Foundation for purchasing the VR Goggles. A trip around the sun  was so much fun using the * Virtual Reality * goggles!

Laura Beth Merrell

5th Grade


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